These are the most common questions we get from our guests. Click on a question to reveal our answer. If you have any additional questions or are confused about any of the answers please call or emails us! We’re here to help guide you down the river and through an easy and informed reservation and trip experience!

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Where: All our trips meet at our office right on the river where US-60 / AZ-77 crosses the Salt River. Directions, maps, downloadable pdfs, and more are available on our Directions & Maps page.

When: Different trips have different meeting times. You will receive a confirmation email when reserving your trip and it will have the specific time.

A world class experience, self-bailing rafts PFD’s (life jackets), paddles, helmets, specialized equipment, first aid supplies and dry bags. Wetsuits, wetsuit booties and paddle jackets are provided at no extra charge depending on weather and river flows. Return transportation to your vehicle at the end of your trip. Meals and beverages are included on all trips except for the half day trip. Bring a snack and water bottle for the half day.

  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproof camera
  • Swimsuit and/or synthetic thermal layers for underneath the wet suit
  • Synthetic socks for underneath river shoes or your own shoes/sandals that have a heal
    strap (no flip-flops)
  • Any prescribed medications for serious allergies or conditions such as Albuterol Inhaler,
    Epi-Pen, Nitroglycerine tablets/spray, etc.
  • A tip for your guide if you enjoy the ride!
  • There is no cell service in or near the canyon so please bring along Directions & Maps

What to NOT bring and wear RAFTING

×  Cotton & Denim Clothing: does not insulate once wet and has no place on the river
×  Electronic devices that are not waterproof and you do not mind losing in the river
×  Jewelry or other valuables
×  Alcohol and rafting do not mix and is not allowed
×  Guns and fireworks are not allowed in the Salt River Canyon
You can lockup any of the above items in your car at our office

Raft & Camp Trip:

  • You are limited by what fits in your car!
  • Warm clothes for camp (sweatshirt, jacket, pants, long johns, thick socks, hat)
  • Rain jacket in case of bad weather
  • Lightweight boots or sneakers
  • Flashlight
  • Toiletries
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Alcoholic beverages or soda of your choice

Wilderness & 2 Day Trips:

  • You are limited by what fits in one dry bag (the size of a 13 gallon trash bag)
  • Warm clothes for camp (sweatshirt, jacket, pants, long johns, thick socks, hat)
  • Rain jacket in case of bad weather
  • Lightweight boots or sneakers
  • Flashlight
  • Toiletries
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Alcoholic beverages or soda of your choice

Salt River Rafting provides all meals and beverages on every river trip except for the half day trip. Bring a snack and beverage for the half day option. We prepare a huge grilled lunch with all the fixings at our beach side base camp mid-way through our full day raft trip. No one leaves lunch hungry! Dinners, lunches and breakfasts served on Raft & Camp or 2-5 day trips are always delicious, filling and reflect the guides special areas of expertise and may include dutch oven enchiladas, grilled steaks or lasagna. The guides are your cook, waiter, and dishwasher! Special diets can be accommodated with prior notice. When reserving your trip you will be able to convey dietary needs like vegetarian, gluten-free, serious food allergies, etc.

Yes and No! Consuming alcohol before or during the raft trip is prohibited. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your trip if we suspect you have been drinking before getting on the water. You may bring any type of beverage you like and leave it in your car for after the trip. Any trips involving camping you may bring alcoholic beverages to consume at camp in the evening. Please do not bring any glass containers. Plastic bottles, cans, and bags of wine are all great river friendly vessels!

The rule of the river is that if you want to see it again, don’t bring it :), that said, guides and clients bring them all the time. I have a professional camera that I bring in a pelican case, others put their cell phone in a handy little dry bag. It’s up to you and your comfort level, we just can’t guarantee the safety of your personal belongings while on the river.

Manufacturers design rafts to carry anywhere from 1 to 12 people along with a guide who navigates and calls commands. Most trips generally have 6-8 people in a raft in addition to the guide. There are two methods by which a guide controls the raft.

Paddle Raft: The raft crew paddles together as a team at the guides’ command and the guide steers with a paddle. No experience is necessary as each guide gives an explanation and practice run of all the paddle commands.

Oar Guided Raft: The guide steers with a set of oars mounted on a frame attached to the raft. Again the crew paddles together as a team at the guides’ command but this method lets people rest or just hang on.

You can! Just show up with a smile and we will take care of the rest. Rafting is a great way to get together with your family, friends, coworkers or just have an adventure by yourself. We have no upper age limit, and children as young as 8 weighing at least 50lbs (depending on the flow) can enjoy the half day, full day or raft & camp trips. 10 and up is recommended for 2 – 5 day raft trips. We have accommodated countless people who could not swim and or have physical challenges. The most important ingredient is a good attitude! We reserve the right to change the age requirements or trip for the safety of our guests at the river.

Spring time rafting on the Salt River of Arizona brings great whitewater in the form of melted snow run-off from the White Mountains. Generally if you are from Phoenix, Florida or Texas the water will always feel chilly. If you are from the upper Mid-West or North-East the water will feel comfortable. One day you will want to wear everything Salt River Rafting provides, the next day a swim suit and sneakers will be fine. Actual water temperatures are classified information 🙂

Gratuity for guide service is customary. A tip is a nice way to say ‘thank you’ and should reflect how you feel about the personal service you or your group received. Some groups organize a tip for their guide, others prefer to tip personally. Average tip is between 10-20% of your trip cost. Salt River Rafting is very proud of its staff because of their customer service orientation and on-water professionalism.

Most rivers in the world are rated on the International Scale of Whitewater, Class I-VI.
Class I is flat water with some current, like the tubing section on the Lower Salt River near Phoenix.
Class VI is impossible, for instance Niagara Falls.
The half day, full day, and raft & camp trips on the Upper Salt River of Arizona are rated class III to III+. Fun, splashes, and rapids that require defined navigation appropriate for beginners to intermediates. Higher water makes for bigger waves while low water makes for technical rock dodging.
Multi-day trips with Salt River Rafting run a number of Class IV rapids in an even more remote area of the canyon. These rapids are more challenging and difficult to maneuver, although not necessarily bigger and wetter.
The best definition of river classification is available on the American Whitewater website.

Salt River Rafting’s staff are dedicated outdoor enthusiasts with many years of experience guiding and adventuring. All of our guides are CPR/First Aid Certified. Many are EMT’s, Wilderness EMT’s, as well as Swift Water Rescue Technicians. Our guides have made whitewater their profession and aren’t just working a season or two, but people who have dedicated their lives to the passion of living and working outdoors. For me this is the most important aspect of choosing a company with which to raft. Salt River Rafting takes great pride in the professionalism and expertise of our staff!

Give the gift of adventure this year! You can purchase an arbitrary dollar amount or cover the cost of a specific trip, eg 2 Adults on a Full Day Trip. Gift certificates can be purchased online or over the phone: Gift Certificates | 800.425.5253

Sure do! Check out our Groups page for more info.

Yes, yes, and yes.

All our trips have discounted rates for Child / Youth

10% Off for:

  • Military
  • Seniors
  • AAA Members

We have group discounts as well. Please see our Groups page for more info