There are other companies that offer very similar trips to us but we believe we offer a better experience from start to finish. Here is a little bit about how and why:

We Love What We Do!

The owners, guides, office staff, and drivers at Salt River Rafting truly have a passion for outdoor adventure, especially when it comes to whitewater rafting. We believe that rafting offers a unique opportunity to combine all the best in life: the thrills of adventure, enjoying nature, and most of all spending time with family and friends in a beautiful environment and special place.

Owners are either on-site or on the phones everyday to ensure a world class experience for you and your group!

Exceptional Guides = Exceptional Experience

Your trip on the river can greatly depend on your guide’s knowledge, experience, training, and personality. We have a very selective hiring process and rigorous training before our guides run trips. Many of guides come from the whitewater rivers in Colorado and bring the technical boating expertise the Salt River demands.

Look Good, Have Fun, Safety 1st!

River rafting is fun and exciting but has inherent risks like all activities. Training and experience are everything to ensure the safest raft trip possible. With the exception of a few, our guides are returning to the Salt River for their second, third, and tenth season for some. Many have Swift Water Rescue training and all our procedures follow strict guidelines.

Transparent Pricing – Lowest Fees

We provide the most transparent booking experience and charge the lowest River Use and Land Access Fees out of all the other companies.

  • No rental fees
  • No inflated weekend prices
  • Reduced child and youth prices

Community Involvement – Respect for the Environment

We work closely with the White Mountain Apache Tribe and National Forest Service to provide support, education, and offer our resources whenever possible. The Salt River Canyon is a magical place so we train our guides in River Leave No Trace practices to keep it pristine.