One of the country’s top ten multi-day raft trips. The Salt River Canyon Wilderness was federally protected in 1984 to preserve one of the premier river experiences in the U.S. on par with the Gates of Lodore in Colorado or the Rogue River in Oregon. We run all 52 miles of the Upper Salt River. Highlights include stout Class IV rapids such as Black Rock, The Maze, Quartzite Falls and Corkscrew. Side canyons Cibecue, Walnut, Hess and Yankee Joe contain quite pools and waterfalls supporting over 200 species of birds along with desert dwellers such as Coati, Javalina, Big Horn Sheep and Gila Monsters. The majestic Sonoran Desert fauna of countless wildflowers, Ocotillo, Sotol and towering Saguaro are complimented by the exotic geology of 1.4 billion year old granite and 800 year old Salado ruins. Trips are restricted to a maximum of 11 guest enhancing the solitude and serenity of one of the few remaining stretches of free flowing river in the southwest. Rental camping gear is available and dietary concerns met upon request.

Salt River 3 Day Wilderness Trip

Our most popular wilderness trip on the Salt River! Enjoy the entire wilderness section, catered camping, and some spare time to stop and play along the river.

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… If you have time, do mluti-day wilderness trip. There are unimaginable side canyons to explore each a micro ecosystem teeming with life. Plus all the guides are expert backcountry chefs…offering everyting from ribeye steaks, lasagna, and stir-fry. And don’t miss out on the dimbo dip during cocktail hour….f you have a chance to do this trip…take advantage of it it will undoubtedly be the trip of a lifetime. ~ Brattflip

Salt River 5 Day Wilderness Trip

This is the best trip to fully explore the Salt River Canyon. On the 5 Day Trip you will have extra time in camp, options for some spectacular side hikes, and all the relaxation!

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