Trip Details


Enjoy the full day raft trip with our riverside grilled lunch as well as the luxury and convenience of car camping at our riverside base camp just 3 miles off Hwy 60 at Second Campground. We will build you a campfire to relax around and cook a fantastic dinner and breakfast as only our multi-talented guides can do. There is plenty of time to fish or hike and to enjoy the stars. Come and discover if “roughing it” is for you! Rental camping gear is available and dietary concerns met upon request.

Price and Inclusions

  • $285 Adults & $265 for Youth (Ages 8-12, must weigh at least 50 lbs)
  • PFD (life jacket), Wetsuit, Splash Jacket, Helmet, Neoprene River Shoes
  • Transportation back to your vehicle after the trip
  • The best river guides on the planet!
  • Prices do not include $30 per person Apache Day Use Fee and River & Land Use and Access Fee

When & Where to Meet

Meeting time will be in your confirmation email (9am or 10am) at our office in the Salt River Canyon. Mile Marker 293 on Highway 60/77 between Globe and Show Low at the bottom of the Salt River Canyon. Directions & Maps


10:00 AM: Meet at our office (Double check the meeting time on your confirmation email)
–  Get geared up and embark for an awesome day on the Salt River!
–  Raft 5 miles through numerous Class II-III rapids
–  Enjoy a delicious riverside lunch prepared by your guides
–  Raft another 5 miles through Mescal Falls and other fun rapids
–  Take off the river and shuttle back to your vehicle on Apache Route 1.
4:30 PM: Back at our office: change clothes, look at pictures of your trip and say your goodbyes!

5:00 PM: Set up your dream camp while the guides make dinner.

6:00 PM: Dinner is served! Afterwards, relax by the fire, hike around, gaze at the stars.

8:00 AM: Breakfast is ready! Afterwards feel free to go for a hike or start making your way home.

*Times are very much approximated. Meet Time is not an approximation!

What to bring and wear RAFTING

  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproof camera
  • Swimsuit and/or synthetic thermal layers for underneath the wet suit
  • Synthetic socks for underneath river shoes or your own shoes/sandals that have a heal
    strap (no flip-flops)
  • Any prescribed medications for serious allergies or conditions such as Albuterol Inhaler,
    Epi-Pen, Nitroglycerine tablets/spray, etc.
  • A tip for your guide if you enjoy the ride!
  • There is no cell service in or near the canyon so please bring along Directions & Maps

What to bring and wear for CAMPING

  • You are limited by what fits in your car!
  • Warm clothes for camp (sweatshirt, jacket, pants, long johns, thick socks, hat)
  • Rain jacket in case of bad weather
  • Lightweight boots or sneakers
  • Flashlight
  • Toiletries
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Alcoholic beverages or soda of your choice

What to NOT bring and wear RAFTING

×  Cotton & Denim Clothing: does not insulate once wet and has no place on the river
×  Electronic devices that are not waterproof and you do not mind losing in the river
×  Jewelry or other valuables
×  Alcohol and rafting do not mix and is not allowed
×  Guns and fireworks are not allowed in the Salt River Canyon
You can lockup any of the above items in your car at our office


It is best to call our office if you have any additional questions: 800.425.5253 or visit our FAQ Page

This was my second trip with SRR. The first was a boy scout trip which included rafting and one night of camping. They did such an excellent job that when it came time to book again for an adult group, they were the only call I made. We ended up with 26 and they easily accommodated my growing group, which started with 8. If you are looking for a great 36 hour adventure that includes rafting and hiking, this is it. We did the raft/camp and everyone had an excellent time. The equipment was in good shape, the guides friendly, fun and knowledgeable, and the rapids were lots of fun this year due to the rain and snow in the high country. We camped one night and our guides were quick to have a fire going after tents were pitched, after dinner and early morning to help keep us warm with the cooler temperatures. All meals were tasty and served with a smile. Loved the dutch oven cobbler with ice cream for dessert after dinner. For extra fun, we took advantage of our permits and hiked to Cibacue Falls which is just a mile from Second Camp after breakfast. Our guides/cooks were Lauren, Billie, Zach and Sierra – they were all excellent. James and Wiley are two of the owners and helped with logistics and reservations. Great company and highly recommend them for your next rafting trip. ~ Cindy M