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The most popular raft trip near Phoenix! An unforgettable day in the majestic 2000′ deep Salt River Canyon begins with the pride of our company: the guides! Passionate, knowledgeable and fun, these professionals will take you through rapids such as Maytag and Overboard as well as the serenity of the Narrows and their beautiful volcanic cliffs. Half way through we stop at our river side base camp for a delicious hot lunch! Afterwards we tackle the longest and hardest rapids such as Exhibition (watch the show or be the show) and Mescal Falls. Enjoy the view of the river on the ride back to your vehicle on Apache Highway 1 which could be sold as an exciting trip in and of itself. This is an excellent trip for first-timers as well as seasoned rafters and is an easy day trip from Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff or Sedona. The fun, excitement and beauty of the Salt River Canyon has never failed to impress!

Price and Inclusions

  • $185 Adults & $165 for Youth (Ages 8-12, must weigh at least 50 lbs)
  • PFD (life jacket), Wetsuit, Splash Jacket, Helmet, Neoprene River Shoes
  • Delicious lunch prepared by your guides
  • Transportation back to your vehicle after the trip
  • The best river guides on the planet!
  • Prices do not include $30 per person Apache Day Use Fee and River & Land Use and Access Fee

When & Where to Meet

Meeting time is 10am at our office in the Salt River Canyon. Mile Marker 293 on Highway 60/77 between Globe and Show Low at the bottom of the Salt River Canyon. Directions & Maps


10:00 AM: Meet at our office (Double check the meeting time on your confirmation email)
–  Get geared up and embark for an awesome day on the Salt River!
–  Raft 5 miles through numerous Class II-III rapids
–  Enjoy a delicious riverside lunch prepared by your guides
–  Raft another 5 miles through Mescal Falls and other fun rapids
–  Take off the river and shuttle back to your vehicle on Apache Route 1.
4:30 PM: Back at our office: change clothes, look at pictures of your trip and say your goodbyes!

*Return time is very much approximated. Meet Time is not an approximation!

What to bring and wear RAFTING

  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproof camera
  • Swimsuit and/or synthetic thermal layers for underneath the wet suit
  • Synthetic socks for underneath river shoes or your own shoes/sandals that have a heal
    strap (no flip-flops)
  • Any prescribed medications for serious allergies or conditions such as Albuterol Inhaler,
    Epi-Pen, Nitroglycerine tablets/spray, etc.
  • A tip for your guide if you enjoy the ride!
  • There is no cell service in or near the canyon so please bring along Directions & Maps

What to NOT bring and wear RAFTING

×  Cotton & Denim Clothing: does not insulate once wet and has no place on the river
×  Electronic devices that are not waterproof and you do not mind losing in the river
×  Jewelry or other valuables
×  Alcohol and rafting do not mix and is not allowed
×  Guns and fireworks are not allowed in the Salt River Canyon
You can lockup any of the above items in your car at our office


It is best to call our office if you have any additional questions: 800.425.5253 or visit our FAQ Page

I had not previously been on a Salt River Trip, but some of my buddies convinced me
to tag along with them to enjoy this adventure. Our guide, named Rebecca, was truly
awesome as a guide. So clear with her instructions, so kind and caring as a person and obviously very concerned about our safety and welfare. She handled the raft like a pro and kept us out of trouble with her crisp clear commands! She was also very knowledgeable with her explanations about the topography of the Canyon as well as much of the geology. We had lots of laughs along the way and by the end of the trip, when I started out a bit scared, I was wanting to extend my trip for another day. Highly recommended and a seemingly very well-run company, ~lionleaps9

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