Map to the Salt River

Salt River Rafting’s River Office is on the map at Hwy 60 & the Salt River, Mile Marker 293, Elevation 3,355
Print or save these directions, maps and camping information for Rafting the Salt River as there is no cell/internet north of Globe, AZ

10 AM meeting time for Half, Full & Raft & Camp Adventures
9 AM meeting time for 2-5 Day Raft Trips
Globe weather forecast gives the best idea of what it will be like on the river

Directions to Salt River Rafting

From Phoenix or Tuson: Our river office where your trip begins is 130 miles from downtown Phoenix or Scottsdale, AZ and takes 2.5 to 3 hours depending on traffic. Take hwy 60 east 90 miles to the town of Globe, AZ. On the east end of Globe you will want to pay attention to the highway signs indicating a left turn north, STILL on hwy 60 going towards Show Low. From Tucson take hwy 77 north 105 miles to hwy 60 in Globe. 38 miles north of Globe at mile marker 293 on hwy 60 you will cross the Salt River and take the first left where you see our Salt River Rafting sign. We are just 100 yards away and expect you by 10 am at the latest. We have our own separate parking and office from the other rafting companies. Welcome!
From Show Low: Drive south out of town on US Hwy 60 – AZ State Route 77 and go 49 miles to the bottom of the Salt River Canyon and mile marker 293. Just past the abandoned gas station turn right and follow our signs to Salt River Rafting. We have our own separate parking and office from the other rafting companies. Welcome!
From our river office to our base camp for Camp Out Raft Trips: These instructions are only for those camping with us the day before their raft trip, otherwise meet at our river office. Turn off the highway as described above depending which direction you are coming from. The only real difference is instead of following our sign to our office continue straight across the cattle guard and past the parking lot for the other outfitters. Drive 3 miles down the dirt road heading west which parallels the river and turn left at the small sign that reads “Second Campground, all dogs must be on leash.” We are the second outfitter.

Camping in the Salt River Canyon

Camping in the Salt River Canyon is primitive, usually a pack it in and out, no facility situation. Always register and pay the fees! River season (March-May) usually gets portable toilet at campgrounds 1,2,3 and a dumpster at campground 1 From highway 60 you have the following camping options, mileage indicated is by road, not river:
1st campground is just 300 yards off the highway and used mostly by private boaters
2nd campground is at mile 3: filled with guides and often rowdy during river season weekends
3rd campground is at mile 3.5 nice, sandy, riverside, quiet
The following campgrounds require 4 wheel drive and clearance to access as you must drive through Cibecue Creek
Cibecue Creek is at mile 4: stunning view of the Cibecue Wall and fantastic waterfall hike
Salt Draw is at mile 6: sweet, small tucked away area and fantastic hike
Tequila Beach is at mile 6.5: sandy area right on the water
Hoodoo River Access Point at mile 7: nice spot above the river, stay clear of the river access used daily for trips

Map of Arizona's Salt River Drainage

A Map of Arizona’s Salt River Drainage

PDF Download the Upper Salt River Canyon River Map

Upper Salt River Canyon River Map

Upper Salt River Canyon River Map