Videos & Photos of Salt River Rafting

Videos of the Salt River are presented by our guests ranging from Chicago’s own WGN news team, the Tempe, AZ tourism office and a couple of people like you and me.

Photographs of the Salt River are presented by a professional geologist, a web guide author to whitewater boating and a wonderful father and daughter adventure in the Salt River Wilderness.

Guest created 17 minute video of our 3 day Wilderness Trip in April 2017



Tempe Arizona Tourism Office visited Salt River Rafting and made this video of low water family friendly rafting in late April 2017.



Chicago TV WGN made video of rafting the salt river with salt river rafting

Chicago’s very own visited Salt River rafting February 22nd, 2017 and made this video for their morning program!




Customer made video of our full day trip in 2013



Photographic Blogs of the Salt River Canyon Mile by Mile

Rivers and Oceans
A wonderful father and daughter tale of bonding on the Salt River with photos.

California Creeks
Bill Tuthill’s amazing whitewater boating web-guide to over 180 runs including the Upper Salt River in photographic detail.

Earthly Musings
Wayne Rainey is from Flagstaff, AZ and is a geologist, a writer, a river guide, trail guide and a traveler.
Wayne’s photographic focus is on the amazing geology of the “little grand canyon” as well as ornithology and river history.